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Discover: what self-awareness is and why it’s critical for your reputation; how increased self-awareness will boost your business relationships; how you can leverage self-awareness to excel in your leadership; practical steps to develop your self-awareness skills; how you can capitalise on constructive feedback from others; and how you can be at the forefront of people centricity in the hyper-digital age.

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The Self-Awareness Superhighway: Journal and Book

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To develop self-aware leaders around the globe to generate kinder, more respectful and creative working relationships

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Join me as I share with you my thoughts and ideas on self-aware leadership, drawn from my doctoral research and experience of working in the public and charitable sectors in Wales and England over the last 25 years.  I’ll also share with you some reflections on good business books and the changing world of work.

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Join me on my learning journey as I discuss self aware leadership with thinkers from around the globe on The Knowing Self Knowing Others Podcast.

Every week I’ll be interviewing guests with experience in leadership, coaching, organisational behaviour, psychology, human resources, people management and more. Join us as we talk through some thought provoking issues, share interesting insights, hear some eyeopening stories and unearth some controversial opinions!

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The Self-Awareness Superhighway: Charting Your Leadership Journey



The Self-Awareness Superhighway will take you on a journey to discover what self-aware leadership is all about. Nia shares her unique three-layer definition of self-awareness through reflection of hard and relational skills, recognition of impact and regulation of behaviour.  Then explore the Self-Awareness Compass and its nine direction to help you chart your map to excellence in self-aware leadership.

Access the FREE Self-Awareness Compass Quiz to assess where you are on your journey towards the nine compass directions.  Seek feedback from up to three friends, family or colleagues to help you recognise your impact.  With all of this information, you can decide on how you wan to change your behaviour for next time.  


Embark on a journey of self-discovery as you use THE SELF-AWARENESS SUPERHIGHWAY: REFLECTIONS JOURNAL to reflect on your hard and relational skills, your impact on others and what changes you want to make to your behaviour to do things differently next time.

Discover the nine points of the Self-Awareness Compass to guide your unique voyage of learning, growth and leadership development. Explore the directions of care, humility, authenticity and more, to help you chart your map from good leadership to excellent leadership.

Through journaling, self-reflection and identifying patterns and trends, build your knowledge and awareness to empower yourself to chart your unique journey along your Self-Awareness Superhighway.

The Self-Awareness Superhighway Reflections Journal- available now
Copywriter: Self-Awareness Compass


If you’ve already read THE SELF-AWARENESS SUPERHIGHWAY’, you’ll know that you can’t decide if you are a self-aware leader without help from others. You can certainly decide to be a self-aware leader on your own, but in deciding whether you are one, that takes a little help from your friends… and colleagues!

To help you do that, the Quiz has two parts.

PART ONE:  The first part is your self-assessment. You will be asked to assess yourself against each of the nine CHARTABLE compass points. Each point will have a statement you will rate yourself against, e.g. I am caring, I am humble, I am authentic. You will be asked to rate yourself on a nine-point Likert scale, where one is ‘most in disagreement’ and nine is ‘most in agreement’.

PART TWO: The second part is your ‘others’ assessment.  Add email addresses for up to three people who you would like to rate you. Your raters will receive an email asking them to rate you against the same nine CHARTABLE compass points, on the same nine-point Likert scale, in response to the statements ‘[Your name] is caring, [Your name] is humble, [Your name] is trustworthy’,etc.

Your other-raters will have a seven-day window to complete the quiz. At the end of the seven days, the quiz will close and you will be able to access your report identifying your scores.

Your scores will be made up of your self-ratings and the average of the scores given by your three raters to ensure they can’t be identified.

Once you receive your scores on your map, you can decide what you want to do next and in what direction you want to travel.