Developing self aware leaders around the globe to generate kinder, more respectful and creative working relationships through reflection, recognition and regulation.

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BLOG | Join me as I share with you my thoughts and ideas drawn from my research and experiences from over 20 years of working in the National Health Service (NHS), local government, Civil Service and charitable sector in Wales and England, about self aware leadership through the lenses of… Self-Awareness, Leader Effectiveness & Leadership at All Levels. I’ll also share with you some thoughts and ideas on management, good business books and general reflections on the world of work.


PODCAST | Join me on my learning journey as I discuss self aware leadership with thinkers from around the globe on The Knowing Self Knowing Others Podcast. I’ll be talking to each of my guests about their thoughts on the definition of self awareness, the links between self awareness and leader effectiveness, whether leaders can be found at all level of organisations, whether strategic leaders have greater self awareness and finally how we can all become more self aware. Join me every other Monday to listen to the latest episode.

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