Welcome to March and welcome to Spring!

No alt text provided for this imageOn the 1st March I celebrated St David’s Day, (the patron saint of Wales), with a daffodil pinned to my lapel. 19th was Mother’s Day in the UK, with a FaceTime call to my mum and fond thoughts of my mother in law who passed away at Christmas last year. It was a different one this year. March was also holiday month, and my husband and I had a week in Fuerteventura for some much needed rest and relaxation, meaning I got a chance to recharge and read A LOT! March is also the last month of the financial year in the UK and as ever, I feel reflective about the year that has been and proud of what has been achieved. I think about the people who I’ve met on my journey and am glad to have formed connections with so many. During the year, I’ve worked for 2 different organisations and lived in 2 different places, recorded 30 podcast episodes as host and 2 as guest, visited Brighton for the first time, attended the amazing Goodwood Festival of Speed, celebrated my niece’s engagement, attended 2 TEDx Talks and bought a new pair of glasses – to mention but a few. Farewell 2022/23! It’s been memorable!

The Knowing Self Knowing Others Podcast

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In March, Episodes 6 and 7 of Series 2 went live. I was so pleased to be joined by Jeroen Kraaijenbrink and Sophie Bryan.

Jeroen and I talked about strategy and the importance of good relationships in both developing and implementing strategy. We also discussed how self-reflection appears to wane as people raise up the career ladder and the difference between leadership in the commercial and public sectors. Access the full episode here

Sophie and I talked about: self-awareness being a whole body experience, self-aware leaders noticing others, what we want out of work is results and relationships, the fact that even children emerge as leaders, when customers are prioritised over employees staff turnover becomes a big problem, the problem of employee wellbeing and engagement being tokenistic, and technical expertise and people management expertise being two different skill-sets. Click here to head to the episode

Global Reach

The Knowing Self Knowing Others Podcast discusses self-aware leadership with thinkers from around the globe. It also has listeners from around the globe too! I’m amazed by its reach. Most listens come from Europe, North America and Asia. The top 5 countries where listens come from are:

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The rest of the globe makes up the remaining 19%. The podcast has reached 55 countries/territories and 350 cities – just amazing! Thank you to the wonderful people at Buzzsprout who host the podcast for their awesome analytics.

Global Rank

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March Book Review

No alt text provided for this imageIn March I read Quietly Powerful by Megumi Miki because I wanted to know as much as possible before recording my interview with Megumi!. The book talks about what being Quietly Powerful means from the perspectives of childhood, cultural conditioning, family life as well as in learning and the workplace. It’s thought provoking and makes you consider how you are making space and giving voice to quieter voices in your team. Read my full review here.
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Forward View to April…

No alt text provided for this imageAs well as saying hello and happy new 2023/24 financial year, episodes 8 & 9 of The Knowing Self Knowing Others Podcast will go live with Tracy Myhill OBE and Liam Maguire. I’ll also be sharing my reviews of ‘I have the Watch’ by Jon Rennie and ‘Dare to Lead’ by Brené Brown. I’ll tell you all about the The Watercooler Event, on at the Excel in London, focussed on workplace wellbeing. So for now, wishing you a bright and sunny April with Easter eggs galore!


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