HNo alt text provided for this imageello and welcome to the the very first Knowing Self Knowing Others monthly newsletter!

At the end of every month, I’ll be sharing with you a few snippets about what I’ve been up to during the month – from podcast episodes and Top Takeaway reviews to blog posts. I’ll also share with you some highlights from articles and book reviews I’ve written.

I’m very glad to have you on my learning journey and I hope that what I share forms a basis for discussion in your world of work, which in turn makes your work experience and those of the people around you, better.

Oh – and if you find any spelling mistakes or bloopers, please do let me know! None of us are as self-aware as we think we are, right?!

Good Question, Goodpods!

The good people at Goodpods have included a new FAQ section on their podcast homepage, posing great questions such as…..

Why did you start this show? The Knowing Self Knowing Others Podcast was born out of my desire to take my research from academia to the office. I finished my doctorate about #selfawareness, #leader effectiveness and #leadership at all levels in 2021 and I wanted to take my learning from the text books out into the workplace to make it live, relevant and useful to people in the world of work. Through discussions with thinkers from around the globe the importance of self aware leadership is being elevated across all sectors. Read the rest of the FAQs here

The Knowing Self Knowing Others Podcast – Series 2

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Episode 1:
On 2nd January, the second series of The Knowing Self Knowing Others Podcast went live. In Episode 1, I was joined by Jon Rennie host of The Deep Leadership Podcast, where we talked about: #humility opening the door to learning, the dark side of leadership, that the people who are looking for improvement are the ones searching for it tend to find it, the need to cultivate your complainers, and the fact that a lot of great answers come from the #quietervoices. Access the complete Top Takeaways article here.

Episode 2 went live on the 16th January. I was joined by Neil Jurd OBE, author of The Leadership Book, and we talked about self awareness being an applied awareness, the need to train people so that they are ready to draw from their learning in a crisis, self knowledge leading to team knowledge, #delegation, an organisation needing a clear and compelling purpose, that a big part of leadership is knowing when to get out of the way and time out is time well spent. Read the full Top Takeaways article here

Episode 3: On the 30th January, Episode 3 went live. I was joined by Matthew Phelan, Co-Founder of The Happiness Index. We talked about how our definition of self-awareness changes over time, that awareness of what makes us happy gives us the chance to harness it and maximise it, what data says about the happiness levels of people in the senior levels of organisation, and depending on your organisational culture, self-awareness can be both a good thing and a bad thing! The Top Takeaways article will go live next week and you can access it here.


No alt text provided for this imageIf you prefer audio-visual content to written content, you can pop over to TikTok to access short video clips for each Top Takeaway from each podcast episode. You can also access these short videos on YouTube (as well as each full podcast episode). You can also following Knowing Self Knowing Others on Instagram!

Watchwords for Self Aware Leadership in 2023

I set out the 6No alt text provided for this image watchwords that I think will denote the challenges and influences on the world of work in 2023, through the lens of self awareness: polarisation, engagement, purpose, awareness, flexibility and solutions. Read the whole article here

Self Awareness for Patient Health and Wellbeing

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On the 9th January I published an article which I co-authored with Dr Ketan Kulkarni, physician, clinician researcher, author, coach and entrepreneur. We set out some thoughts and research about the relationships between clinicians, healthcare professionals and their patients and the impact the self awareness of those clinicians and professionals have on their patients’ health and wellbeing. We also described our models for defining and developing self awareness

BOOK REVIEW: Mindset by Dr Carol S Dweck

No alt text provided for this imageI shared my review of the first book I read in 2023 – Mindset by Carol Dweck. The book talks about two different mindsets: the fixed mindset and the growth mindset. Reading it felt like someone had lifted the lid on things that I already knew, but didn’t know I knew. An interesting book which will give you insight into humans wherever you may find them. I gave it a 4 out of 5 only because of the mixture of business, sports, romantic relationships and parenting that didn’t fit my personal situation and particular interests.


No alt text provided for this imageThe Knowing Self Knowing Others Podcast – Transcripts

The Transcripts for The Knowing Self Knowing Others Podcast for Series 1 Episode 1-4 went live. You can access them here:

  1. Transcript, Series 1, Episode 1 with Sarah Metcalfe
  2. Transcript, Series 1, Episode 2 with Sally Evans
  3. Transcript, Series 1, Episode 3 with Donald Henderson🏴 and Sathpal Singh
  4. Transcript, Series 1, Episode 4 with Alison Smith

You can’t please all of the people all of the time

No alt text provided for this imageI wrote a thought piece on how you deal with the actions and reactions of people that you can’t please all of the time. When you spot a curl at the corner of a lip, or a sideways glance from one colleague to another, or an arm moves to a keyboard in one square and a giggle appears in another it can disorientate you, catch you off guard and knock you off track. For me, I’ve had to make a conscious decision to: spot and stop, park it and reflect afterwards. Read the whole article here

Forward View to February…

In February, episodes of The Knowing Self Knowing Others Podcast will be going live on 13th and 27th of the month. I’m also very excited to be joining the fabulous Carol Stewart MSc, FInstLM to talk about all things self awareness through an introversion lens and Sarah McEntee as a guest on the Leader Connect Podcast, rather than the host! I’ll be continuing to read the insightful ‘Jerks At Work’ by Tessa West. I’m also getting new headshots taken by the extremely talented Clarissa Debenham which will be a real treat and I’ll be heading off to my very first live TEDx – London Women day. It’s a full agenda!. Squeeee!

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Wishing you all a fabulous February, looking forward to connecting with you and having you on my learning journey!


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