Happy new year! As we head in to 2023, here are my watchwords for the year; the things that will dominate the world of work and impact our organisations, give us the opportunity to grow and work out way out of challenges and be the resounding drivers of change…..

POLARISATION: Organisations will see a continuation of the polarisation between management and workers fighting for better terms and conditions

ENGAGEMENT: Leaders will be tested in their ability to know their people, know their audience and be unwavering in engaging to deliver on their aims and objectives

PURPOSE: Leader and organisational purpose will need to be communicated clearly to ensure people can engage passionately and authentically

AWARENESS: Leaders will need to keep their antennae on at all times to develop their 3 layers of self awareness: reflection, recognition & regulation.

FLEXIBILITY: Different organisations will have different needs for flexibility, based on the individual needs and drivers of employees.

SOLUTIONS: We cannot continue to be polarised. An engaged workforce that is purpose driven, led by self aware leaders in a flexible environment will need to work hard to achieve solutions in 2023!