I know this wasn’t on my list, but a friend gave it to me and asked me to review it…

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I’ve been reading this excellent book by Neil Jurd OBE

It is a complete compendium of leadership. Everything you want to know about leadership is here. It gives you the basics of everything. I think this should be considered essential reading for every first time line-manager as well as every battle-worn exec. Everything I know about leadership is discussed, and more. The exercises are spot on in ask and effort, too.

It’s currently a little Readers’ Digest sized paperback which really doesn’t reflect the big ideas contained within. It feels like it should be printed as a big heavy hardback that would break my toe if I dropped it on it.

An excellent little book that will make your leadership toolbox a lot, lot bigger!!

The Leadership Book by Neil Jurd: A step by step guide to excellent leadership