BOOK REVIEW –  Insight, Dr Tasha Eurich

BOOK REVIEW – Insight, Dr Tasha Eurich

Having an interest in self-awareness, I really wanted to read this book. It has a wealth of data, information, case studies and resources in it. I couldn’t believe that for the price of the book alone you had 14 appendices worth of tools to help you assess and develop...
What is Self-Awareness?

What is Self-Awareness?

Take a look at the first in my Knowledge Share video series on YouTube In this video I talk about self-awareness and my three layer definition Click to watch!

A Welcome Space

Today I was reminded about the importance of environment. I went to work somewhere I very rarely go. I didn’t have the access codes, I wasn’t sure what card to tap on which door and I didn’t know which room to go to, or even which staircase got me there It made me...