Today feels like a day of being in limbo. Not the kind that comes with a sandy beach and a cocktail umbrella. The kind that has you wondering, waiting and worrying

England is about to go back into lockdown and we don’t know what the second COVID wave will bring, or how many people it will take

We still have limited clarity about the implications and impact of Brexit

The US is awaiting the outcome of the election that could tear the country apart or bring it together and we won’t know for a few hours yet

When we’re all facing the same uncertainly we need to remember that our strategic level managers won’t know the answers either. They can analyse the data, seek the advice, draw from experience and make the best decision they can.

Remember that leadership occurs at all levels, so support strategic level managers with your kind of leadership wherever you are.

We may not be in the same boat, but we’re certainly in the same storm.