Languishing! So, it has a name!

Over lunch today I listened to a short Adam Grant podcast. He read an article he’d recently written on ‘languishing’.

He described it as that feeling between depression and flourishing.

He explained than at the beginning of the pandemic we felt anguish and many of us had moved to languish. He described it as that feeling of ‘meh’; nothing really wrong, nothing really right. Nothing bad, nothing good. Nothing worrying, nothing motivating.

And I thought, that’s it!!

Back in February I wrote about moving from frustration to fulfilment and how tricky it was to feel motivated right now. It’s called languishing!

It’s clearly on the agenda right now. Even the wonderful Sarah Metcalfe wrote about it today on LinkedIn, sharing a brilliant infographic too.

As we know, calling out our feelings helps us to review, reflect and respond.

Now we know what it is, we can start to shift our mindset and do something about it, right?

Have a listen!