I’ve been in my new job a month today (A MONTH!!) and I thought I should stop, reflect and take stock of the things have been most important to me. Here are my top five most important things…

Patience: having people around that have the patience to tell me things, and tell me again in a few days time when I’ve started to piece the context together

Storytelling: to be around people who have the skill to tell me the story of the journey before I arrived, where I fit and where we’re going

Confidence: being able to muster up the courage to ask ‘what’s that?’, ‘who’s that?’, ‘what does this mean?’ and ‘please can you tell me again’?

Trust: knowing that the environment you are in is safe, caring and nurturing, and accepts that even though you may not know the answer today, you’ll have worked it out by tomorrow

Kindness: to have been warmly welcome and regularly checked-upon to ensure I’m okay in body, mind and soul by people who genuinely want to know.

Here’s looking forward to month 2!!