It wasn’t quite an epiphany, but it was pretty close!

If you’ve every listened to Simon Sinek, he talks about finding your why; your purpose. I’ve never been able to pin it down. I could give you lists of the things I enjoyed doing, but nothing really answered my why. Until now!

I was replying to a LinkedIn post, half asleep and this appeared, “I want people to have the best opportunity to communicate, behave & conduct themselves in a way that they generates their best self, so they can achieve what they want to achieve”.

I’m slowly refining it. Now I have this:

“I want others to think the best of you, & I can do that by helping you be the best you!”

Simon also says think of your ‘how’. I’m at:

  • Self awareness: through my research
  • Business support: I’m an expert generalist in this, dontchaknow!?
  • Mentoring: I’ve been around for 20 years and I love seeing people grow in experience. The blogs do a bit of this too, I guess
  • Wellbeing: I’m a qualified reflexologist, support workplace mindfulness and have always worked in the public/support sector

My why is forming! And it feels good!!

What’s your why?