Thoughts for the day…

* Take the opportunities as they arise. Follow the interesting path. Regret that which you do, not that which you don’t do!

* We are little in a vast world. Spread your wings and explore. Ride the crest of the wave and see where it takes you.

* We won’t realise we’re old until we’re old. Other people will think we’re older than we do. Grow old your way: there are no rules. Growing old disgracefully is my preferred option.

These thoughts were brought to you courtesy of a Mindful Stories session delivered by Simon Bell.

I’ve talked before about my thought that mindfulness is the beginning of self awareness. Through mindful stories you both reflect on the past and are coached for the future.

It’s an engaging concept whilst at the same time being emotional and relaxing and generative. It’s not something I’d heard of before nor had the benefit of the experience.

Looking forward to learning more about Mindful Stories!

You can find out about his work and read his mindful stories here