My tube journey home was a little bit stop-start. Apparently there was a technical problem around Mile End and trains were bumper to bumper (Do trains have bumpers?)

I’m sure that Transport for London trains all of its drivers to keep passengers informed about what’s going on, in the interest of maintaining calm. But our driver tonight was excellent. He showed real leadership in not only telling us what was going on but said ‘mind the closing do-ors’ with real gentle kindness, which made me smile.

Over the years, I’ve learnt the importance of telling people what’s going on, even if it’s just to tell them there’s nothing more going on than what you told them last time. It’s important to be kept in the picture and to be respected enough to be told with candour about technical difficulties, broken down trains and unwell passengers ahead.

I’m regularly impressed by Transport for London’s underground staff, especially the train drivers who update us, especially those who add a little bit of flair to their announcements!

Thank you Transport for London