Today I was reminded about the importance of environment. I went to work somewhere I very rarely go.

I didn’t have the access codes, I wasn’t sure what card to tap on which door and I didn’t know which room to go to, or even which staircase got me there

It made me think about how we receive and respond to new people in our environment. How welcoming are we? Do we offer help before it’s requested? Do we give off an air of annoyance simply because we are familiar with a space and someone else is not?

It reminded me that this is the point when we all need to step up and be leaders. Regardless of our positions and roles in an organisation, we can all be leaders of the environment with which we are familiar.

We can always show someone where the kitchen is, where the stairs and lifts are, where the toilet is (when the one on this floor is being refurbished). We can always tell people what access codes they need and who to speak to to get them. And we can always take someone to show them where the side door is, for easy access in and out.

Let’s remember that we too were once the ones who didn’t know our way around. Let’s not begin a conversation with the presumption of incompetence. Let’s start with unsolicited kindness and generosity and make everyone’s day a little better!