I’ve just completed a course on leadership and curiosity and it’s made me think about curiosity in a way that I haven’t before.

I’ve always considered curiosity as being a driver for activity, i.e. you’re curious about emotional intelligence so you read a book by Daniel Goleman. But, I’ve learnt that curiosity is a more philosophical concept that needs to be nurtured by leaders as a means of ensuring organisational innovation and future-preparedness

Leaders need to be curious about what their internal colleagues and external partners are doing and thinking and develop outward looking and inward looking relationships. Leaders need to listen with curiosity.

Organisations need to be curious and open minded to give themselves the best opportunity to respond to a crisis or flex in a changing market. They need to foster a culture of curiosity if they want to ensure an Infinite mindset that will give them the best chance of long-term survival. Organisation’s that aren’t curious enough to consider ‘what if…?’ are likely to be outlived by the ones that are!

You can access the course led by Dr. Diane Hamilton on Future Learn here