What a weekend it’s been!! House move weekend…. It always seems a good idea at the time, right!?!

We experienced two examples of leadership:

The supervisor of Trunk Logistics was just brilliant. He was happy to help carry furniture with his team, was quick to step in and direct them, and kept checking in with them, some of whom were in their 11th hour of work that day. I was so impressed by his professionalism and ability to step in and work with his team and direct his team by keeping an eye on what they were doing, what they needed and what I needed. Such a great example of management and leadership, and knowing when to step between the two functions.

Sadly the letting agent was just the opposite. They were slow to take action, blamed others, did not follow their own policies and had processes in place which were unresponsive and unachievable. They showed a disregard for the customer and poorly represented their company, with staff showing a bad example to their colleagues.

We see good and bad examples of management and leadership all around us all of the time. Occasionally these stark examples pass through our lives at such a proximity that they highlight the good and the bad in a very obvious way

What examples do you have of leadership and management that you’ve seen this weekend?