I listened to the Brené Brown podcast with Adam Grant a couple of weeks ago and I loved it. I’ve been waiting for the transcript to go live so that I could revisit.

Here are some things that I took away:

  1. We want to fit in and stand out.

We want to be part of a group yet we still want to be special. We must treat teams fairly and give everyone dedicated attention, to listen and hear what they’re saying. Include everyone.

  1. I’m not here to be right, I’m here to get it right. I’m not here to prove myself, I’m here to improve myself

We must foster a culture of learning in our teams and embrace the mistakes. For every time a scientist discovered a cure there are thousands of occasions when they didn’t, but tried again

  1. Listen less to people who think fast and shallow and more to people who think slow and deep.

Be ware the empty vessel that makes most noise. When giving individuals dedicated attention, amplify the small voice with the big ideas. Create space and quiet for big ideas to permeate the white noise of small thought.

If you haven’t listened, please take the time to be inspired!