I was scrolling through LinkedIn over lunch and spotted a phrase that drew my attention. It was in a comment posted by the wonderful Dr. Diane Hamilton…

“endlessly interesting”

It not only brightened my day but it’s made me ponder about the leadership behaviour that would make someone endlessly interesting….

  1. Learner: someone who is constantly seeking to improve their knowledge and skills, and expand their horizons by learning about things they know nothing about
  2. Mentor: someone who shares their knowledge to nurture others and inspire them to achieve things that they thought were beyond their capabilities
  3. Innovator: someone who pushes the boundaries of things already done and expands the potential of things to come. Someone who thinks outside the box to the new and the next.
  4. Engaging: someone who can communicate with authenticity, humour, wit and flare and hold an audience in the palm of their hand, making everyone feel like the only person in the room

I think if I could retire and be remembered as being and endlessly interesting leader, I’d have achieved my goal!!

I’ll raise a glass of Friday night wine to all those leaders who are endlessly interesting!