On the weekend I spent a few hours watching some of the presentations of the Jobs Reset Summit, hosted by the World Economic Forum. I caught a session on ‘A Vision for Leadership in the Great Reset’

Watch it for yourself here: https://www.weforum.org/events/the-jobs-reset-summit-2020/sessions/developing-leaders-for-the-great-reset-1

A poll was put to viewers asking for their top leadership characteristics essential for the future. The results were: empathic, decisive, transparent, collaborative and persuasive, in that order of priority

This got me thinking about the models of leadership that we should be focusing on for future leader effectiveness. Resonant leadership will always be my go-to model because it’s tenets are firmly based in emotional intelligence, often viewed as synonymous with self awareness. But authentic, servant and humble leadership models will also have relevance in the new normal where the…

1) need to communicate clearly with staff and citizens

2) the need to respond quickly to changing situations

3) the need to put safety and well-being above profit and

4) the need to capitalise on the latest technology

…will be essential.