I’m so glad that the Democrats have won, but the win is too close for my liking. Close to half of the voters chose Trump. NEARLY HALF!

If you take our Equality Act as the yard stick by which to judge Trump, the last 4 years have been a considerable retrograde step. Age – check, disability – check, gender reassignment – check , marriage and civil partnership – check, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex, and sexual orientation – check, check, check. He’s committed crimes against them all. Yet men and women, young people and old people, black people and white people have voted for him. People have nailed their colours to the mast and it’s not a shade of grey, it’s as black and white as red and blue.

How will Joe Biden begin to change the views of people with such vociferous views about the world and its people? Will it need to start with education? Will it need to start with job generation? Will it need to start with healthcare?

Whatever the experts point to, he will need the help of the whole country and the rest of the world to move the Trumpers a step to the left. Another step to the right would puts the whole planet at risk and makes my blood run cold

Good luck Joe. I think you’re going to need it