Christmas is an ending and the new year is a beginning. Just like every life cycle; when one thing ends another thing begins. But when you add a pandemic into the mix the wheel is thrown off its axis and nothing is quite the same.

As I wrote the other day, I expected the new year to totter in like a new born lamb but it’s been more like a cyclone that’s whipped people and services into a frenzy of crisis, making this new year something quite extraordinary.

The frustration is palpable. The new year has ushered in no new beginnings, no change of course, no miraculous spell of good fortune.

Yet, muscle memory has many of us making resolutions and we are motivated for change.

The kind of motivation that comes with the New Year is singular and fleeting and needs to be harnessed both for the benefit organisations and the benefit of individuals. Organisation need to capitalise on the motivation and energy of those able to share it. Individuals need to have an outlet for their energy and creativity so that they can contribute, make an impact and be acknowledged and valued.

I would implore leaders to seek out the motivated and grasp hold of their drive and enthusiasm, and harness it for good. You won’t get a February chance to make a January impression.