With sunshine comes a glimmer of hope. The days are getting longer too. Come rain or snow, we’ve had a peek at the positivity of spring and it’ll keep us striving on for a few weeks more.

How can you translate this feeling of hope in to an organisation, along with motivation and fulfilment, which is at the same end of the continuum of positivity?

One way is to identify your glass-half-full people at all five levels of your organisation and harness their world view to share the narrative of the organisation through their voice.

Identify the strategic, senior management, management, business and operational leader who can share messages through the eyes and the language of positivity.

The messages don’t need to be overtly about hope, motivation, fulfilment, happiness and positivity. The language of positivity will shine through the messages without needing neon lights.

They say we should identify individual strengths for the benefit of the team, but we don’t always identify the emotional and behavioural strengths of individuals and tap into those, for the benefits of organisations.

We should be identifying, cherishing and capitalising on our positive people to help us through to better times.