It’s a Saturday afternoon and I couldn’t find replays of the A-Team anywhere. So I scoured YouTube for Simon Sinek’s Book Club and watched the first chapter of live questions about The Infinite Game

In the hour-long session Simon said something which really struck a chord with me. He said that leaders aren’t always those in authority, leaders are the ones who go first.

In my thesis, one of my main topics is leadership at all levels, linked to complexity leadership and complex adaptive systems. I’m a firm believer that leadership isn’t linked to seniority, authority or title. I believe that leaders can be found right across the job levels of organisations.

This interest is driven by observation of people I’ve worked with who’ve emerged as leaders even though leading wasn’t explicit in their job description.

Simon’s idea of ‘people that go first’ is really going to help me develop and expand on this idea I have of leaders that lead for a cause versus leaders who lead for a job title.

The words whizzing round my brain linked to this right now are confidence, passion, care, the need to serve others and the need to represent others.

I’ve also started a book list for 2021: The Infinite Game is on my list. Is it on yours?