As I got ready for work this morning I was thinking about whether the store my husband manages will be covering up the non-essentials and taking them off sale, following the lockdown announcement yesterday.

That got me thinking about what is essential and non-essential. Is it what we want versus what we need?

I was reflecting on what Mark Carney said about value in his first Reith Lecture. I think we have come to value what we want over what we need.

You can link it to what Simon Sinek says about the infinite game. Want-need, cost-value, finite-infinite: you can see direct correlations between them all, can’t you?

In my research people told me that leadership was about care – caring for people in their organisation. Maslow’s pyramid identifies food and shelter, safety and love and belonging as the first three foundational layers of human need. Care is inherent

In joining all of these ideas together, leadership now should value what we need and be able to make the difficult decision to put wants on hold until we’re in a better place.

Leader focus should be on the essentials that we need in order to play the infinite ‘game of life’ rather than the non-essentials we don’t need for the finite ‘game of stuff’ we shouldn’t be playing.