It’s been another day of learning. A colleague shared a link to a podcast on our Trust’s leaders’ network WhatsApp group and being as it was Sunday, the comfy chair was vacant and the clouds were making patterns in the sky, I decided to sit down with a cup of tea and have a listen.

Mark Carney‘a first Reith Lecture was excellent. Mind blown!!! He talked about the value that society places on things and how those things then translate into money. He talked about the perverse logic of paying carers least and bankers most.

When I managed early years I talked about marketing our childcare trainings and fees using a script like, ‘you give your car to a mechanic, your money to a banker and you give your child to us’. That for me was enough to generate the lightbulb. Carney talks about this exact same thing. More eloquently, of course!

What he said seems to overlay onto Simon Sinek Inc.‘s ideas about the infinite game. I see it as money/finite, value/infinite.

I’m hoping that Covid is going to turn more of us from the filthy lucre of the finite game to the global value of the infinite game. I ask suspect the chasm between finite and infinite thinkers will grow before there’s sustainable change

The Reith Lectures, 2020: Mark Carney – How We Get What We Value: Lecture 1: From Moral to Market Sentiments: via @bbciplayer