It’s tough to be motivated right now. COVID, lockdowns, terrorism, fascism, dark morning, wet days, early nights, need I go on?

As leaders how do we motivate people when so much of the challenges impacting motivation is out of our hands? Here are some thoughts….

1- As resonant leaders we need to ask our people what they need. Motivation is unlikely to be a one size fits all

2- Organise conversation, events and games that bring people together (virtually). Remind them that they are an integral part of something bigger. Remind them to play and be creative.

3- Delegate tasks and instil confidence and trust in teams, making sure individuals know they are valued and they are important

4- Keep going. Team building isn’t a one off event. You need to keep working at team motivation, morale and spirit. The time when you don’t feel motivated to make an effort is the very time when you should

5- Share responsibility with others. Leaders and managers don’t always have to be the people doing the stuff. Recognise the skills and talents of others and give them the opportunity to motivate your team.

Look after yourselves, and each other