Six months ago, we were talking about a requirement for a new leadership. We talked about crisis management, flexibility and agility. We talked about emotional intelligence and a need for leaders to recognise the importance of staff wellbeing.

It seems like we’ve moved swiftly on from that first rush or response. Now we’re seeing yet a new set of demands emerging.

We need leadership that is able to maintain momentum and enthusiasm. Momentum to move projects and programme forward, when there’s no sign that we’ll be able to celebrate our achievements with our colleagues any time soon. Enthusiasm, to stick to the new rules and regulations when the end goal still seems so far away and blurry.

The demands have changed so quickly. We need leaders that are ready to respond to the incoming flow of the wave of crisis and the ebb of the wave that drains our spirit. We need our leaders to be ready to deal with the unexpected today and the tomorrow that stretches way beyond the horizon.

Our leaders need to keep us moving forward, keep us buoyed and keep us going, when we’re worn out and tired. We need a little momentum and a little enthusiasm, just to see us through to spring.