Talking to someone who’s passionate about their job is a real gift. Today I had an unexpected conversation with someone I’ve never met from an organisation that’s completely new to me.

His passion for his role, his organisation and the people he works with were unambiguous and shon as bright as a thousand stars!

I’d forgotten how wonderful it was to listen to someone talk about their work like that. It’s not just what he, it was the way he said it too

We all so readily become entrenched in our ‘get-up-go-to-work-do-our-thing’ that we forget about all the things we enjoy about our jobs, if not all of the time then those occasions that make our hearts sing and our heads buzz

If you’re feeling down and dirgy, find that person that has that passion and that fire, and take time out to talk to them. I can guarantee: they will lift you and remind about what’s good. You’ll feel so humbled and glad you did it!!