The more I’m reading about various things, the more I’m seeing a pattern about leadership. Well, actually, more about the leadership of people working at the strategic level of organisations

When I read about emotions and behaviours, it say that it all starts with leadership.

When I read about equality, diversity and inclusion, it says that is all starts with leadership.

What leaders support, condone and reward sets the direction of organisations

So how then do I square this with my idea of leadership at all levels?

I wonder if it’s more about how senior managers implement strategies, policies, procedures and protocols? Whether they implement them vociferously or half-heartedly

Maybe the leaders, wherever they are, are the ones influencing the content, stance and design of strategies, policies, procedures and protocols?

I’ve always been interested in the difference between leadership and management and how seniority is viewed as a proxy for leadership.

How do you describe the roles, functions and job levels of #leaders and #managers?