Yesterday I posted about webinar preparation. Today my experiences are directing me to think about preparation in general, and timeliness. Getting something done by a deadline is really important. A lack of preparation, planning and delivery on one persons part might mean: someone else has to travel hundreds of miles needlessly; someone is embarrassed and made to look unprofessional; someone else doesn’t have enough time to allow them to prepare; something important doesn’t happen; lots of people replying on this one thing to happen may be disadvantaged. If you’re not going to be able to deliver on time please do these three things:

1. Tell people you’re not going to be able to deliver, a minimum of 24 hrs before the deadline

2. Ask for help if you need it, to get stuff done on time

3. If you can’t deliver, share the reasons why, so other people can learn and help streamline the process for next time

Please let’s help each other out by playing our part and remembering we’re an essential cog in the works. When one cog fails, the whole machine fails. We have to work together to make this world go round