We’re very good at developing short-hand terms and acronyms for the words and phrases of our working worlds. We easily forget that this ostracises the outsider and the newcomer.

The role of the #leader in an organisation is to look up and out (a manager; down and in).

Effective leaders will look up and notice that the outsider and the newcomer find our world inaccessible. Leaders should always be aware of how other people are understanding what is going on in our world: with their eyes, their faces, their postures and their words.

As leaders we are obliged to open up our words and our processes to be understood and accessed by others.

As leaders our role is to make our world accessible for that instance or that period, by explaining, simplifying and clarifying.

We should remember how closed our world can become by our familiarity with it. We should always seek to be transparent and understood to those from beyond our sphere.

That’s #inclusion