What will be your professional legacy?

I’ve been checking out my pension, so it’s got me thinking….

I want to be remembered as a #leader that:

  • always had time for people
  • was more interested in what could be done than what couldn’t
  • put children, young, people, families, patients and service users at the centre of #strategy, #planning and doing.

I want to be remembered as a #manager that:

  • was hard on the facts and soft on the #people
  • implemented policies and procedures fairly and equitabley
  • watched the pennies to make sure they were spent in the best way

In reflecting on my list, it’s never about the ‘what’ of work but always the ‘how’ for me. I’m a firm believer that if we get the how right the what will follow.

If you’ve ever explored ‘find my Why’ by Simon Sinek you’ll know he puts Why at the centre, followed by how and what. Does that mean that leadership is the how and management is the what??

And so the thought comes full circle!