Whilst casually scrolling through Facebook over lunch today I saw a video about an all female car garage called Spanners with Manners

It instantly caught my attention and jolted me into taking notice. I felt an incredible sense of pride both because of what the owner, Laura Kennedy has achieved for herself and what she has achieved for others.

As so many of you know, I love cars and motorbikes. Seeing women ride motorbikes and compete in F1 makes me so proud and so glad.

I am a staunch advocate of women in all places where decisions are made. Thank you to all of those strong and brave women who have forged the way for others like me to follow and for the Laura’s of the world who are blazing a trail.

My past colleagues will tell you that one of my pet hates is the phrase, ‘the girls’. In the workplace, women are confident, capable and brilliant. They are tax paying contributors and heavyweight contenders to positions of power.

Even today I heard someone say that they had ‘trained the girls’ and I could feel my blood pressure rising. It reminded me that we still have so much to do.

Please think about what you say and how you say it.

The next generation of Laura Kennedys is listening