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it’s top takeaways Tuesday!

I’ve been so looking forward to sharing this podcast episode with you. After hearing Serena Low speak on The Soft Skills for Leaders Podcast with Lisa Evans, I got in contact with Serena and we had a conversation. Here’s the link to the whole episode for you, followed by my top takeaways and some reflections questions for your to pause and ponder…

1. Listening and Hearing: Introverted leaders possess unique strengths that enable them to thrive in their leadership roles. Serena emphasises that introverted leaders excel in active listening, empathy, inclusiveness, and their preference for quality over quantity and depth over superficial displays. A key takeaway is the importance of introverted leaders creating a psychologically safe space for every team member to contribute, thereby harnessing the full potential of their team.

Reflection question: How can introverted leaders create an environment that encourages quieter people to share their perspectives and foster a culture of inclusivity and contribution?

2. Getting Feedback: Self-awareness is a foundational element for effective leadership and Serena advocates for introverted leaders to actively seek feedback, develop a support network, and practice self-compassion to counter self-doubt and imposter syndrome. This emphasis on self-awareness and emotional intelligence illuminates the significance of introspective skills in navigating feedback, confrontations, and engaging authentically.

Reflection question: How can introverted leaders develop their resilience in the face of feedback, criticism or challenge?

3. Solitude: Embracing solitude and reflection while balancing the demands of leadership requires self-discipline and setting clear boundaries. Serena talks about the importance of self-discipline and boundary-setting to safeguard introverted leaders’ need for introspection and contemplation amidst their leadership responsibilities. Finding this balance enables introverted leaders to maintain their energy levels and make thoughtful, informed decisions.

Reflection question: What practical steps can introverted leaders take to establish and maintain healthy boundaries that protect their need for solitude and reflection?

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4. Building Confidence: Serena highlights essential strategies for introverted leaders to enhance their skills and build confidence, including cultivating assertiveness, developing high energy traits, and finding mentors. Quieter people can identify mentors or role models and harness networking opportunities to boost their confidence as leaders. She encourages introverted leaders to start small with networking and identify role models to support their growth.

Reflection question: How can introverted leaders find mentors and leverage networking opportunities to bolster their confidence?

5. Mindfulness: Mindfulness plays a vital role in supporting introverted leaders’ personal growth and leadership effectiveness. Serena advocates for incorporating mindfulness practices like gratitude and self-reflection into daily routines to foster ongoing personal and leadership growth. By engaging in these practices, introverted leaders can build resilience, acceptance, and an unyielding commitment to continuous improvement.

Reflection question: How can introverted leaders incorporate mindfulness practices like gratitude and self-reflection into their daily routines?

Are you a quiet leader? Do Serena’s words echo your thoughts? I hope you enjoy both the episode and have an opportunity to mull over these reflection questions. I’d love to know your thoughts, so chat with me on Substack or LinkedIn!

Check out Serena’s podcast here…

Looking forward to having you on my learning journey!


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