In episode 43 of The Knowing Self Knowing Others Podcast, I was joined by Reiner Kraft. As a stressed tech leader in Silicon Valley, with more than 120 U.S. patents, (making him one of the most prolific inventors in Silicon Valley), he experienced mental exhaustion and sought solace in mindfulness-based stress reduction classes. Through mindfulness, he discovered the connection between awareness and the ‘software’ of the mind. Reiner realised the importance of taking care of his body and the clear connection between the mind, body, and awareness.

Here are my five top takeaways from our conversation and some reflection questions for you to pause and ponder…

1. Mindful Leadership Principles: In this episode, Reiner introduces twelve mindful leadership principles aimed at creating positive work environments and improving leadership quality. He emphasises the importance of increasing your level of present awareness (LPA) and the impact of conscious leadership on employee retention and well-being. By prioritising self-awareness and mindfulness, leaders can enhance decision-making and interactions with teams.

Question for reflection: How can incorporating mindful leadership principles into your life create a more positive workplace culture and improve leadership effectiveness?

2. High Performance Mind Programme: Reiner shares insights into the High Performance Mind programme he designed to help people increase their Level of Present Awareness over a period of two to three months. The programme focuses on practical exercises to accumulate mindful minutes, ultimately leading to a higher LPA. Reiner highlights that increasing LPA positively impacts interactions with others and promotes overall well-being.

Question for reflection: How can implementing mindful minutes and increasing LPA enhance your personal and professional growth?

3. Measurable Mindfulness: Reiner differentiates his approach by incorporating data and measurable mindfulness. He uses key performance indicators for the mind and introduces the concept of measurable mindfulness, adding accountability and clear progress towards mindfulness goals. He also makes counting mindful minutes easy and achievable during anyone’s day.

Question for reflection: How might capturing mindfulness minutes help you track and improve your mindfulness journey?

4. Mind-Body Connection: Reiner emphasises the connection between awareness, mind, and body, highlighting the impact of optimising the body’s energy, resilience, and cognitive abilities. He advocates addressing mindfulness and physical well-being simultaneously. As we say in the podcast, the body impacts the mind, which impacts the body which impacts the mind: the cycle is clear.

Question for reflection: What strategies can you implement to enhance your mind-body connection and improve your overall wellbeing?

5. Opportunities for Growth: Reiner shares insightful perspectives on suffering, illness, and the role of awareness in recognising opportunities for personal growth. He encourages individuals to reflect, be grateful, and focus on their growth and progress. He also talks about the initial leap that this might take, from working frenetically to working more mindfully.

Question for reflection: How can developing an awareness of personal growth help you build resilience in the face of challenges?

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