In episode 34 of The Knowing Self Knowing Others Podcast I had a brilliant conversation with Steph Tuss about her squiggly journey to leadership and what she’d learnt along the way. Here are my top takeaways:

1. Following inner desires: Steph’s career path took unexpected turns because she followed her inner desires and took opportunities as they presented themselves. By being open to new experiences and saying yes to opportunities, she was able to discover her true passion and find success.

2. Importance of mindset: Steph’s transition from nutrition to mindset-focused work highlights the significance of mindset in achieving success. She realised that understanding the underlying reasons why someone does or doesn’t do something is crucial in both health and business contexts.

3. Building leadership skills: Steph’s background in education, particularly teaching, provided her with valuable leadership skills. The ability to communicate, educate, and work with both children and parents laid the foundation for her current role as a CEO and leadership expert.

4. Harnessing personal strengths: Steph’s childhood nickname, “bossy the Cow,” was often seen as a negative trait. However, she realised that being called bossy actually highlighted her innate leadership skills. Embracing her strengths and refining them helped propel her towards success.

5. Learning from diverse experiences: Steph’s background in teaching, holistic nutrition, and entrepreneurship contributed to her well-rounded skill set. Each experience provided her with unique perspectives and knowledge that she could apply to her current role. It is important to acknowledge and learn from all the diverse experiences we have had in our lives.

6. Trusting intuition: A defining moment for Steph was when she trusted her intuition regarding her sick child’s treatment. Despite medical professionals recommending invasive surgery, Steph sought alternative therapies and found a simple dietary change that resolved her daughter’s symptoms. This experience taught her the importance of trusting one’s intuition and seeking unconventional solutions.

Steph’s journey emphasises the importance of following inner desires, embracing personal strengths, and continuously learning from diverse experiences. It also highlights the significance of mindset and intuition in achieving success in leadership and business.