Enjoyed speaking to Morag Barrett on episode 38 of The knowing Self Knowing Others Podcast.  Meeting an author after reading their book is a real buzz – and You Me We is a really excellent read. Here are my top takeaways from our conversation

  1. Being an ally means actively supporting and advocating for marginalised individuals or groups. It involves recognising and challenging one’s own biases, amplifying individual voices, and taking action to promote inclusivity and equality. 
  2. Allies strive to educate themselves, listen, understand, and stand alongside those facing discrimination. It requires empathy, humility, and a commitment to continuous learning and growth to be an ally. 
  3. Being an ally is not just about intentions but also about actions and accountability. It means using one’s privilege and platform to create positive change and dismantle systemic barriers. By being an ally, individuals contribute to creating a more just and inclusive society for everyoneMorag Barrett, You Me We
  4. Actions that are perceived as shutting down or demeaning others, even if done with good intentions, can have a negative impact. Recognising one’s impact on others is key.
  5. The Ally Mindset profile helps leaders examine their own negligence and recognise they may unintentionally provoke others. It’s important to break patterns and move through conflict.
  6. Courage, vulnerability, and candid debate are necessary to let go of resentment and articulate the causes of conflict. Shifting to an Ally Mindset approach can lead to positive change.
  7. Self-awareness is crucial and involves reflection, recognition, and regulation of one’s behavior. Starting conversations about unacceptable behaviors is essential for positive change.
  8. Gossip can be toxic in both physical and virtual environments. Morag emphasises the importance of refraining from participating in gossip that is designed to harm others.

These takeaways highlight the importance of awareness, understanding, and action in addressing allyship and anti-bullying and harassment in organisations. It emphasises the need for self-awareness and open dialogue to create positive change.