I really enjoyed my conversation with Jamie Milam in episode 40 of The Knowing Self Knowing Others Podcast.  We talked about Jamie’s difficult childhood and challenging upbringing and how she’s learnt from all of those tough experiences to achieve great things for herself and others.  She’s pretty inspirational.  Take a listen!

1. Self-reflection is key to personal and professional success. Taking the time to understand ourselves on a deeper level allows us to align our actions with our desires and values. By regularly pausing and acknowledging our emotions, we can make more intentional decisions and find comfort within ourselves.

Jamie Milam on The Knowing Self Knowing Others Podcast

Jamie Milam on The Knowing Self Knowing Others Podcast

2. Emulating others’ success without considering our own satisfaction can lead to stress and burnout. We need to find our unique strategies and systems that work for us, rather than trying to do everything. By honoring our own needs and desires, we can create a more fulfilling and sustainable path to success.

3. Effective communication and compromise are crucial in relationships and partnerships. It’s important to recognize when our desires and needs don’t align with others and determine if it’s the right fit. By openly communicating and finding common ground, we can nurture authentic relationships and prevent burnout.

4. Slowing down and paying attention to our bodies and emotions can prevent negative consequences. Taking just two minutes to pause can lower cortisol levels and create more time for meaningful activities and relationships. Journaling daily, focusing on gratitude and affirmations, allows us to unpack our emotions and address any issues that arise.

5. Setting boundaries and prioritizing personal and family time is essential for our overall well-being. By honoring our own needs and creating a balance between work and personal life, we can prevent overwhelm and create a more fulfilling and peaceful existence. It’s crucial to recognize that we deserve to have our needs met and should not feel shame in taking care of ourselves.

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Looking forward to having you on my learning journey!