In Episode 30 of The Knowing Self Knowing Others Podcast, I was delighted to be joined by Alison Reynolds FCIPD, an expert in operational HR and organisational development, with many years of operational experience before branching out on her own. If you haven’t had a chance to take a listen yet, here are a few top takeaways to pique your interest….

Alison emphasises the importance of using data rather than subjective assumptions when making career decisions. She highlighted the value of gathering objective information to better understand one’s strengths and make informed choices.

Alison is of the view that personality profiling is not a reliable indicator of a person’s suitability for a role. She emphasised the need for a more holistic approach to talent management that includes data analysis and high-quality conversations with individuals.

Alison stressed the importance of understanding one’s own preferences and strengths, even when operating outside of those personal preferences. She emphasised that being effective and adaptable is key in any situation.

Alison spoke passionately about the importance of continuous improvement and lifelong learning. She encouraged listeners to constantly seek ways to grow and develop, both personally and professionally, in order to stay relevant and effective.

Alison explained the function of organisational development and its focus on viewing the entire organization as a system. She highlighted the difference between HR and OD, with OD taking a broader, strategic perspective that considers the interconnectedness of different aspects of the organisation.

We talked about the importance of understanding cognitive diversity. Alison talked about the need for cognitive diversity to solve complex problems effectively. We discussed the importance of understanding how different people are wired and how their brains work to create a more diverse and innovative team.

Alison firmly believes that self-awareness is crucial for effective leadership. She emphasised the importance of authenticity, dropping ego, and being open to learning in order to lead with credibility. She encouraged listeners to embrace their own unique leadership style and stay true to themselves.