I had a great conversation with Niamh Hannan in Episode #20 of The Knowing Self Knowing Others #podcast.

As someone focussing on women’s leadership journey in leadership, Niamh had a lot of interesting things to say. Here are my Top Takeaways.

The EQi2.0 assessment tool, focuses on emotional SA and emotional self expression (along with 13 other measures). Some people have an imbalance of the two, in that they express emotion but don’t have the awareness to understand their impact. The same could be said of the opposite: some people suppress their their emotion to prevent any kind of impact.

Some women exclude themselves from leadership events and experience because they feel that they’re not applicable to them and maybe they’re not worthy. Some women don’t see themselves as leaders even when they are leading

The more power you have the more difficult it is for people to challenge you from below in the organisation. If there are less people above you to give you feedback, then maybe that’s where the role of a coach can be even more valuable.

Are you actively testing the feedback you get? How do you know that the feedback you’re getting isn’t filtered unless you test it?

Establishing psychological safety in a group allows for vulnerability to emerge which in turn opens up a whole world of learning that you can’t achieve on a 1 on 1. Consider learning opportunities in group settings to give you the chance to learn from others and grow with others

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