I was delighted that Sarah Metcalfe could join me as the very first guest on my podcast. If you haven’t already, you can listen to the episode here:

Here are my Top Takeaways from our conversation…

Giving Feedback: When you give feedback you should always consider how others want to receive it not just how you want to give it. If you give feedback in the way you like to receive it, you might misjudge the situation and find yourself breaking down an otherwise positive and effective working relationship. Make sure you know your colleagues and your self so that feedback works for you both and can benefit your colleagues.

The Ebb and Flow of Self-Awareness: there’s a palpable movement for greater self-awareness in the workplace, but the wave of change we saw in covid seems to have receded a little. The workplace wellbeing perks of the naughties, like free food and coffee were stripped away when we were all in lockdown and we saw the bare wellbeing policies of organisation. Since the end of the lockdowns, some positive changes have ebbed and we need to work hard to accelerate the next flow toward improved wellbeing

Emperor’s New Clothes: Ineffective leaders are the Emperor’s new clothes. No-one wants to be the one to point out the lack of effectiveness! If we want to become more effective we need to become more curious about what we could do to be better. Self-awareness is a leadership skill and if you don’t have it, should you be a leader all? You need to leave your ego at the door!

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