As we head towards Christmas, I’ve been reflecting on the year that it’s been. One of great highs and awful lows…. a doctorate, a new job, covid restrictions and a family bereavement.

So, from all of these things, what is the common nugget of learning that I can draw?

Well, it’s ‘purpose’.

2021 will be the year that I will remember, as the year that I realised the importance of purpose – to mental health, self esteem, professional development, personal achievement and putting one foot in front of the other.

Intrinsic to purpose are our #values: knowing what they are and being able to live them. Living and working to our strengths also help us move towards our purpose.

Social and professional connections enrich our purpose and physical distance has tested that to its limits.

Without a clear understanding of our purpose, our infinitely capable human monkey-mind has no direction and no focus and we are adrift without a cause. To find, know, live and work to our purpose is both a challenge and a privilege.

My purpose has kept my monkey-mind looking forward with curiosity and wonder, and glancing back with fondness and appreciation.

My recommendation then, to you, is to seek out, find and firm up your purpose and let it guide you into an uncertain 2022. Let your purpose carry you through the challenging days, the tough day, the sad days and the long days. Lean on your purpose and let it get you out of bed in the morning, to your studies with #ambition, to your work with #innovation and to your loved ones with a heart that’s as big as the ocean.

Farewell 2021. It’s been quite a voyage!