Today I was delighted to be able to deliver a short workshop to colleagues about self awareness, my favourite subject!

I was struck by 3 things….

  1. People really are interested in self-awareness. The human conundrum to ‘know thyself’ has been around for thousands of years, yet as humans the challenge to understand what self awareness is and how to be increasingly self aware, endures.
  2. Definitions are hard to pin down. In asking the group to develop one phrase to define self awareness, people came up with things I could never have dreamed of. One group defined self awareness as recognising the impression your footprints make in the sand and acknowledging the impact the sensation of sand has on you.
  3. Tech let’s you down. Just like a real face to face workshop virtual workshops go awry too. The key is to stay calm, use the resources and capabilities you have and carry on. It might even end up being more fun than you expected!

To those who attended, thank you for joining. I hope you enjoyed it. I certainly did!