We so often have thorny, tricky and challenging problems in work. So, what’s the best way to go about solving them?

Talk it out and transfer it from from inside your mind where it’s huge, jumbled and complex. Moving from thoughts to words helps the mind think differently about problems.

Pin it down so that it stops jumping around like a box of frogs and stays still long enough for you to actually see it from all sides. You can then work out what the pieces of the problem are.

Share it with someone. Two perspectives gives you double the problem solving power. Three perspectives and four makes you a powerhouse of problem solving genius.

Break it up so that the problem is separated out into its constituent parts that are more manageable and can be managed. Eat that elephant in chunks!

Make a plan that identifies the problem, the parts, the fixes and the fixers. When it’s written down it’s less likely to keep you up at night.

Problem solving doesn’t have to be complex – the problem and the solution might be, but the process to work both out doesn’t have to be

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