Today I was saddened to learn of the death of Sabine Schmitz. Everyone who likes cars and watched Top Gear will too, I’m sure, be feeling a little blue.

Sabine was the Queen of the Nurburgring and the epitome of Girl Power. I first saw her on Top Gear racing a transit van. She was skilled, witty and very, very fast.

Women’s challenges are very much in the spotlight right now. Women have been disproportionately impacted by covid. Countries led by women have fared better in the pandemic. We recently celebrated International Women’s Day. We mourned the horrible death of Sarah Everard. And today we lose a female role model and bastion of women in motorsport.

I’m a petrol head to the core and have loved cars and motorbikes forever. I’m passionate about women in motorsport and I’m grateful to the women who pursue careers in F1, stock car racing and drifting that model ‘what could be’ to every little girl in a go-kart.

May you take every corner of heaven’s track sideways and may you always be cushioned by a cloud of burning rubber.

Waving a chequered flag for you, Sabine! 🏁

Rally In Peace

See BBC News coverage here