Working from home and the new normal has given me more time to do some bite-sized learning. I’m an avid fan of learning new things and am always looking for ‘input’. I’ve been really impressed by TED Talks, Big Think, LinkedIn Learning, Future Learn and some of the professional webinars I’ve watched. You’ll have seen my posts about some organisations and companies needing to build their online delivery skills but those who are getting it right are getting it really right!!

LinkedIn Learning currently has an offer of a month’s free access. Last night I watched a 48 minute course split into modules of no more than 4 minutes. I watched 2 as I chopped the potatoes and another one while I waited for the cabbage to steam.

These bite sized learning opportunities open up education, training and learning to the busy, capitalising on the hour or two of commuting now saved.

I’m looking forward to seeing what Google and others will be offering to the market in the next year. I’m also looking forward to seeing the spread of global and international learning which the growth of digital communication will facilitate. Better access to information and learning might just turn out to be one of the silver linings of COVID