It’s the last Friday of January and here’s my very first book review of 2021

1. What are your take-homes?

I agree with Brené Brown ; this book gives you language to describe thoughts that have tumbled around your brain for a long time. I like how it describes the world and gives examples of companies that play the infinite game and work to achieve their Just Cause. It also helps you identify people’s skills and better use their talents in the right game. It helps you work out who you don’t want on your team too, and articulate why ‘that person’ was never the right fit!

2. What changes will you make?

I’ve been thinking about things, at work and at home, and defining them as finite or infinite games. I’ve also been forward planning from a more informed, bigger-picture perspective. It’s changed the plans and choices I’m making. I’m also more relaxed about some things, now I’ve realised they aren’t finite games and there is no win, loose or draw.

3. What’s your rating?


It’s a good, accessible read. Could do with more signposting from one chapter to the next. Maybe that’s partly due to the layout in the kindle version though.

Access it here