It’s a little yellow book of wisdom!

The Legendary Quest, Kulkarni & Yoo

This book sets out all the things you need to do to live a successful life. One of the things you need to do to achieve that is develop your self-awareness, which is where my interest began….

Reading this book was like listening to the wisdom of elders. It reminded me of times when I’d sat down with my grandmother and she’d told me stories of her childhood and made me realise just how much more there was to know about the world, how little I was, and how wise she was. It has this sense of sitting you down and telling you some important home truths. It’s that wise old man that quietly sits in the corner of the pub, listening to the young ‘uns argue about nothing important and enunciates that one liner that cuts through the noise and chops the nonsense off at its knees.

It talks about the need to work out your own values and goals to truly be authentic, the traps we fall in to when we seek to acquire material things that we think will bring us happiness, and the need to refrain from comparison with others and focus on achieving our own quest, not someone else’s.

One of my favourite lines is on page 75, “When your mind, body, values, and everyday life are all in sync, great things begin to happen.”. Boom. This.

The Legendary Quest, Kulkarni & Yoo

The book is written really well and I loved the used of language, words and phrases. It uses all of the right words in all of the right places and I felt like I’d expanded my lexicon of intelligent words from its reading – and that made me happy.

I’d give this book 4 out of 5 because it’s well written, well researched and does an excellent job of shining a light on what’s important in life and how to define what ‘important’ is for you.

The Legendary Quest, Kulkarni & Yoo

My 3 thoughts about how it could be even better….

* The 3 models in the book need a few more signposting headers to help with understanding

* The cover needs a revamp

* The title needs greater connection to the concepts

For anyone at a life crossroads, this book is a timely read.