With the move to digital comes a loss of ceremony.

Those important occasions that were marked by some sort of ceremony have lost their pazaz since we moved to digital. Accelerated by covid of course.

  • Submitting an academic work of four years. Click
  • Receiving results after two hours of examination. Ding
  • Receiving an invitation to an interview for that job you really want. Ding.

What solutions are being proposed and trialled to bring some pazaz to the future world of digital solutions?

What about avatars that you speak to to submit your assignments who say, ‘thank you, well done, good job’?

What about making the activities deemed most important by every organisation, company and institution virtual conversations with real people?

Let’s develop more digital solutions that seek to generate more social connections. We’ve had a taste of social distancing and the impact on increased loneliness and isolation. Let’s put the personal back into PC.

I’d love to know: what are you hearing about, along the wire of innovation?