The work we do is rarely done in isolation. It’s likely to be connected to a hundred different outcomes impacts and consequences. This is particularly true of the public sector- we hope everything we do connects to a positive outcome for the citizen.

Considering how ‘what we do’ connects with others is essential, if we want to work effectively as part of any kind of system.

The thigh bone’s connected to the hip bone. The safer community’s connected to the new street lights. The new template’s connected to the new process. But if the new process isn’t connected to a comms strategy, you’ve got a bit of a problem.

When we decide to act we need to think about how our actions are connected to others. We need to:

  • Do a 360 degree scan of our environment to asses the potential consequences our actions may have
  • Consider impacts beyond that immediate circle. Think how the dominos might fall and what they may knock over on the way.
  • Involve others in scanning the environment to generate a collective line of sight to the end goal
  • Present it all clearly so that connections are stated, impacts are laid out and risks are mitigated.

Connections are essential to make the system work. Respect for the connections make the system a success.