Isn’t it interesting how we all make sense of the world and generate solutions?

You’ll already know that I like to write things down. I like to work from a skeleton and build up the flesh, working from the bigger picture to the detail

But not everyone works likes this. Some people think out loud, some people like to talk one on one, some people hate advice and some people flourish by connecting other people’s ideas

I once worked with someone who often appeared rude, abrasive and lacking filters. But I soon came to realise that it was because unlike me, she worked things out in mid air and all of the thoughts I kept locked in my brain, she aired in public.

It’s great being in a room where you generate solutions together and flourish by bouncing ideas off each other and onto a flip chart.

I get nervous when I work with people who generate their best ideas in the 11th hour, but sometimes their ideas really are brilliant!

Whether you’re a writer, talker, doodler, reflector or out-loud-thinker, you’re all welcome in my world! Diversity of thought is what gives workplaces the richness and innovations that help us succeed!

You do you, and together we’ll do great things!